From early in her skin health career, Sarah has believed that truly visible skin results can be achieved through a combination of innovative clinical treatments and timeless facial techniques. 

Delivering Quality Results

It is her primary focus on quality results that has helped Sarah to develop a unique brand that has delivered throughout the last 20 years. Prior to establishing her Irish business, Sarah excelled in a number of leading roles in prestigious spas and skin clinics around the world. It is her belief that to deliver the best results, it is vital to keep up to date with clinical research.

With this drive for continued success, Sarah has invested significant resources in the development of her own clinical services which combined with her passion for skin health has culminated in the launch of Sarah Warren Skin (SWS)

Founded in 2019, the philosophy at SWS is a personalised service with bespoke treatments

This philosophy ensures that each guest feels confident and secure on their journey to exceptional skin health. From initial booking, through tailored treatments to beautiful results, Sarah has an unwavering reputation for the high quality service and detail she provides to ensure client feels comfortable, secure and entrust her to achieve glowing skin.

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